September 12 2017 Day of the iPhone

12 September and iPhone X. After hundreds of rumors that began almost immediately after the launch of the 7 iPhone 2016, the iPhone X is the new, high-end Apple model. According to what is written, the new device comes with a new Face ID system and new Animojimoji that will reflect the user's expressions.iPhone X

What do not you understand;

For every question you have, there are thousands of analyzes made by experts who reinforce it myth iPhone. Special pages, expert technicians and analysts agree:

Another super duper device comes from Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),, who every year so long requires her friends to pop her around at 1000 dollars because she manages to turn a desire into need.

Forecasts for today:

Apple fans will be glued to their computer screens to see the reveal in of a page that collects clicks. Then there will be an all-night prayer to glorify the company from Cupertino, and the miracle they saw.

Immediately after, the marketing engine continues with thousands of publications of presentations, crashing tests, battery endurance tests, dropping the device in the water, and even (the best) iPhone strength tests in firearm bullets.

If you are not tired, continue with comparative tests: iPhones vs. Samsung, vs. Nokia, vs Huawei, vs Xiaomi.

All of this enhances the mood that tends to be needed.

So why should you buy the new iPhone X? The question doesn't need answers, excuses that reinforce your decision to run in one να του παραδώσετε την your card.

Sincerely, why should you buy the new iPhone X? Why should you have a Face ID?

Why is the iPhone X and not one of the many decent devices that are running at half price?

Just do not tell me you will buy the new device for them Animoji- emoji.... The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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