JDownloader 2 download video and audio from youtube (and more)

The app is known as one of the best downloaders on the internet. The usage we will show here is for downloading video or audio from youtube (in our example) and any similar website.jdownloader

The application is installed in our system language. We download from the link


In the installation in two dialog windows optionally:

-select all file associations

-we do not accept Optional Offers Consent


After the installation is finished the application is ready to use.

Audio - video download:

On youtube we select the music video from which we want to download the sound and copy its address

The program finds the link from the clipboard and a pop-up box appears,


When the main window opens, it will show us the available audio and video download options.


Clicking on the arrow in the variant column above the audio shows us the audio download quality options in kbps


With right click Start Downloads we download the audio in format (superior to MP3).


You can change the opus ending to mp3 without any problem.

In the first use it will show you a message to download the necessary codec (we accept it and it is installed after restarting the application)


According to the video


The additional files we can download are the image of the video (if it has a static one) and the lyrics of the music track.

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