JetBrains new RustRover IDE tool for Rust Developers

JetBrains has released a preview of an IDE exclusively for the Rust programming language, which it's called RustRover. The new tool combines coding assistance with an integrated Rust toolchain.

It is available for preview from September 13th.


Το RustRover είναι φτιαγμένο για να απλοποιεί την εμπειρία κωδικοποίησης στην Rust ενώ “κλειδώνει πλήρως τις of language”, as reported by JetBrains. Features include real-time feedback, code suggestions, simplified toolchain management, and team collaboration.

Before, JetBrains had the IntelliJ Rust, an open source Rust plugin for IntelliJ IDE. With RustRover, the company aims to provide a dedicated product with enhanced functionality for the growing Rust developer community.


JetBrains also released a preview of a multilingual editor and IDE, called JetBrains Fleet, which supports Rust development.

RustRover will have some similarities to JetBrains' other language-specific IDEs, such as PyCharm for Python, GoLand for Go, and RubyMine for Ruby.

RustRover can integrate with version control systems, supporting GitHub and Git. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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