Security cameras: What you need to know before buying one

Are you planning to install a security system with cameras, for the security of your home? Read this article first before you buy.

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In today's world, home burglaries are a common occurrence. When the house is left unattended, either on time , whether on vacation in the summer, becomes an easy target. And one of the best ways to protect your home is to install security cameras.

Cameras used to be an expensive sport. But now with a huge range of quality and wallets, as well as with the development of Wi-Fi things have really been simplified.

At a cost of thirty euros you can buy a decent indoor camera, without having to wire your entire house.

But this huge range also brings a corresponding headache when you are asked to choose what to take. So before you start shopping for cameras, there are a few things you need to know. Let's see.

How to choose the right security camera


Not all security cameras are manufactured to the same specifications. When buying a security camera, you need to keep in mind what your specific needs are. Do you need indoor or outdoor coverage? Do you need night vision? How important is video quality?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options and find the best camera for your needs. Avoiding mistakes in security systems can be the difference between a safe house and a burglary.

Smart or traditional security cameras?

Security cameras have been around for decades. However, smart security cameras are a relatively new innovation. What suits you?

Traditional Security Cameras
Traditional security cameras are the basic choice. They are usually less expensive and are fairly easy to install. All you have to do is point the camera in the direction you want and connect it.

However, these security cameras do not offer any of the advanced features that smart cameras offer. Also, they can not be controlled remotely, so you should be home to watch the events or have a recorder to record all the activity on video.

Smart security cameras
Smart security cameras are the newest, most advanced option. They usually cost a bit more than stupid cameras, but offer a lot of extra features.

For example, many smart cameras have face recognition and know the difference between a family member and a stranger. They also often include two-way audio, so you can listen and talk to whoever is in front of the camera.

You can also control most smart cameras remotely so you can check in at home even when you are not there.

With so many smart home security systems on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. But by knowing your needs and doing your research, you can find the perfect system for your home.

Wireless or Wired?

Η επόμενη απόφασή σας θα ήταν αν θα αποκτήσετε μια συσκευή που θα συνδέεται φυσικά με το κέντρο ασφαλείας σας ή μια συσκευή στην οποία θα έχετε via Wi-Fi.
led camera

Wired security cameras
Wired cameras are usually more reliable because there is no risk of loss or damage του σήματος. Είναι επίσης συνήθως υψηλότερης ποιότητας επειδή συνδέονται απευθείας στο . Ωστόσο, οι ενσύρματες κάμερες ασφαλείας είναι συνήθως λίγο πιο δύσκολο να εγκατασταθούν λόγω της απαίτησης ύπαρξης των καλωδίων δικτύου και δεν είναι τόσο ευέλικτες όσο οι ασύρματες κάμερες, όσον αφορά την τοποθέτηση.

A wired security camera should also be connected to a power source (unless it is POE = Power Over Ethernet), so you should consider this when choosing a location for your camera.

And if someone cuts power to your home and your security system is not backed up, your cameras will stop working.

Wireless security cameras
Wireless security cameras are much easier to install because you do not have to worry about cables running through your walls. They are also more flexible in terms of installation, because you can place them anywhere with a good Wi-Fi signal.

Many wireless security cameras are battery powered, making it easy to avoid looking for an outlet. If they are not with battery you should supply them with power cable and as you understand they can not be POE.

However, wireless security cameras are more likely to have signal problems, and video quality is not always as good as a wired connection. The zoom can not be that high either. Another downside is that battery powered cameras can be a bit more expensive.

Indoor or Outdoor?

camera, security, safe, safety, κάμερα

Another important issue is whether you need an indoor or outdoor camera. If you only need to monitor the activity in your home, then an indoor camera is enough. However, if you want to see what is happening outside your home, you will need an outdoor camera.

Outdoor cameras are designed to withstand the weather (water, dust), so they are usually weather resistant and can be installed almost anywhere. However, they can be a bit more expensive than indoor cameras.

And here is a rating of how waterproof you want an outdoor camera to be. Will it rain? Is it protected under a shed? Is it in an area with a lot of dust? All this affects the quality and proportionally your pocket.

Storage options

When it comes to storage, you have two basic options: cloud storage or local storage.
camera, security, safe, safety, κάμερα

Cloud storage
Cloud storage is a great option if you want to access your hardware from anywhere. Most cloud storage programs are subscription based, so you will have to pay a monthly fee.

However, the αποθήκευσης στο cloud είναι συνήθως πιο ασφαλής επειδή βρίσκεται εκτός της οικίας σας. Έτσι, ακόμα κι αν σας κλέψουν τη κάμερα ασφαλείας, τα πλάνα σας θα είναι ασφαλή.

Local storage
Local storage is a good choice if you want to access your content offline. Most local storage options use a microSD card, which you can insert into the camera.

The downside of local storage is that you will not be able to access your shots if your camera or recorder is damaged or stolen. And if the memory card is full, you will need to delete some of your old shots to make room for new ones, unless it has replacements.

On the other hand, once you have selected a wireless camera, then it is connected to your network and so you can view and save its data anywhere on the internet. Even on your cell phone.



Another thing to remember is compatibility. You need to make sure that the security camera you choose is compatible with your existing home security system if you already have one installed.

Most security cameras work with a standard home security system, but it is always best to check it again to make sure. You also need to make sure that the camera is compatible with your smart devices. This way, you can view the material from your camera on your phone or tablet.

You can create your own security system if you have the technology.

What about Smart Home compatibility?
If you have a smart home, then you need to make sure that the security camera you choose is compatible with your smart home appliances. This way, you can use your smart devices to control the camera as well, and view the captured images.

Για παράδειγμα, μπορεί να μπορείτε να προβάλετε τα πλάνα από την κάμερα ασφαλείας στην τηλεόρασή σας, αν όλα αυτά είναι συνδεδεμένα στο σύστημα έξυπνου σπιτιού σας. Μπορεί επίσης να μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε τη φωνή σας για να ελέγξετε την κάμερα εάν είναι συμβατή με ένα έξυπνο όπως το Alexa της Amazon, ή το Google Home Smart Assistant.

This can be a great way to monitor your home while you're away and also to give commands to your connected smart devices.

Other issues

There are also a few things to keep in mind when choosing a security camera.

Night vision
If you want to be able to see what is happening inside or outside your home at night, then you will need a night vision camera. Night vision cameras use infrared technology to provide clear images in low light conditions.

Field of view
When choosing a security camera, you need to pay attention to the field of view. The field of view is the area that the camera can see. The larger the field of view, the more area the camera will be able to cover.

Most security cameras have a field of view between 60 and 110 degrees. However, you can find some cameras with a wider field of view, such as 180 degrees or even 360 degrees (if they can be rotated remotely).

Video quality
The video quality of a security camera is important, but it is not always the most critical factor. For example, if you are just using the camera to see who is on your doorstep, then you do not need 4K resolution.

However, if you want to see details such as facial features or license plates, you will need a higher resolution camera.

Audio recording
Some security cameras have audio recording capabilities, which can be a great way to deter criminals. Audio recording can also be useful if you need to identify someone in the video.

Not all security cameras with audio recording are provided, so it is something to keep in mind when choosing a camera.

Face Recognition
Face recognition is a newer technology that is starting to appear on security cameras. This can be a great way to track down criminals as well as keep track of your children or pets.

If you are considering a Google Home security system, Google Nest Cams offers one face recognition function who can alert you when he sees a person he does not recognize.

However, face recognition is not yet perfect, so it is something you should weigh when choosing a camera.

A Safer House

A security camera can be a great way to deter criminals and keep your home safe. Just make sure you consider these considerations when choosing a device.

If you do, then you will definitely find the perfect security camera for your home.

And when you decide on the type of camera and buy it, when installing it, remember to change its factory code. It's unbelievable how many cameras there are all over the world that still have admin / admin as a name and password.

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