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Έχετε ένα παλιό ξεχασμένο κινητό στο συρτάρι; Αξιοποιήστε το, μετατρέποντας το σε web για τον υπολογιστή σας.

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Do you have an old cell phone and you are thinking of throwing it away? In addition to doing so dashcam in the car you or baby monitor for you, you can also make it a nice web cam.

Compared to a specially designed webcam, the use of the mobile phone offers you additional wireless connection and easier placement in the desired position, along with the possibility of remote recording.

It's a fantastic way to turn your old phone into a highly functional item once again, and you have a lot of good reasons to do so.

Broken camera or microphoneweb, camera, smartphone, mobile, camera

Machines like to break down just when you need them, such as a microphone or a camera that will suddenly "mule" just before an important video call.

If you have an Android phone and want to watch video calling from your computer big screen, you can make your own mobile camcorder for your computer. See how:

Step 1: Just download the free DroidCam app to your mobile for Android or for iOS. Then on your computer go to, download and install the corresponding Droidcam client for Windows or Linux.

Step 2: Make sure your computer and mobile are on the same Wi-Fi network and start the client on your computer and the application on your mobile.

Step 3: In the computer application write the IP address and the port (port) that appears in the application of your mobile. Check the corresponding boxes if in addition to the camera you want your old cell phone to become a microphone. Click on "Start". Of course you should see your new camera transmitting from your old cell phone.

droidcam 1

Step 4: You can also see what your camera is sending to your network by opening in a browser on your computer the URL http: //… .. that you see on your mobile phone (or any device connected to the same network).

droidcam 2

You can use the above application for many reasons and for various uses, as you will see below. But what can you do with a wireless webcam? See:

Pet camera

If you are a pet owner, you may have wondered about your pet's mysterious life when you are not home. Turning an old phone into a webcam will help curb your curiosity.

You can check in with your pet at any time, leaving the phone connected to a power source while running the above webcam application.

In general, a pre-made Web camera costs from 30 euros and up. But if you have an old phone, in addition to using the discarded electronic machines again, saving the planet, you will also save money.

Demo calls

Specially designed webcams are usually operated via USB cable and do not provide many portability options. While using your phone as a webcam as well as a microphone will offer you many comfortable options, even to show off your new living room to your friends.

You might as well show them how to cook one or how you are repairing a socket and in general you completely escape the logic the camera is above the computer screen.

High resolution camera

web, camera, smartphone, mobile, camera

Unsurprisingly, your phone's camera may have a higher resolution than your laptop's built-in camera, or even a cheap webcam.

Taking a look at which has the best camera, you will see that entire short films have been recorded on one phone. If you have a good camera on your phone, why not use it for a more elegant video calling setup.

Catching invading animals

Some webcams offer night vision that can help you catch the animal intruder in your yard. Using your old phone as a webcam, take a look at who's eating your vegetable garden or catch the trespasser damaging your fence.

Home or office security

web, camera, smartphone, mobile, camera

Convert old and outdated on security cameras. Compared to installing a full security system, using a phone this way, while reusing old technology, costs significantly less in materials and installation, and can be set up and disassembled quickly.

All you need is a socket near the socket to keep it charged. Data transmission will be done wirelessly via your Wi-Fi.

Watch too long processes

If you have a large volume of files in your office to print, you do not need to wait on top of the machine for printing to finish or to watch for something going wrong. You do not even have to go back and forth to see how the printing goes.

Put your old mobile webcam to watch for you !! This will leave you free to continue with other chores or sit down to drink a coffee without worry.

Web camera reinvention

The webcam was once an exclusive material for video calling. But if you have imagination you can find a thousand reasons to broadcast live footage, or record videos remotely.

Creating a webcam from your forgotten old phone can save you in an emergency or become a fantastic DIY tool.

Most of the above tricks of course you can do with your new regular mobile phone. However, the use of your old one protects you from damaging the new one, or from being worn out by constant use. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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web, camera, smartphone, mobile, camera

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