Kernel 4.14.15 fixes 2 on 3 Variants of Specter & Meltdown

Kernel 4.14.15: Vulnerabilities Specter and Meltdown also affect Linux systems. Distribution development teams are reportedly preparing up-to-date kernels, and everyone should update their browsers as well.

Previously publication we mentioned for a script which can test whether your Linux distribution is vulnerable to Specter 1 and 2 vulnerabilities or Meltdown attacks.

The script checks each variant separately and displays the results. If it displays "STATUS: VULNERABLE" the system is vulnerable and needs immediate (and if available) Kernel upgrade.


As you can see in the above image, with an older kernel, one of the systems I use remains vulnerable to the Specter and Meltdown security holes, at least 2 from 3 Variants.

Let's see the same test in the kernel 4.14.15

The new kernel 4.14.15 fixes 2 of the 3 Variants of Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities. For those of you who use Linux, look in your distribution updates for the most recent updated kernel, and upgrade immediately.

It remains to be seen when the Spectre Variant 1 will be closed, the only one left. But let's not forget her statement by Werner Haas, a representative of Cyberus Technology and a member of one of the three independent teams that discovered and reported Meltdown. The expert said that achieving a comprehensive protection against Specter is very simple and may involve an "ongoing process" with software fixes and hardware modifications.

"The Specter scenario is not that simple, as cross-application attacks are unlikely without even OS participation," said Haas.

"Therefore, a general solution like Meltdown seems unlikely. Therefore, I expect combined repairs to hardware / software defects along with the warning that the fight against Spectre will be an ongoing process. " The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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