Knock: A powerful Subdomain Scanner

Knock is an open source tool written in python and its purpose is to discover all the subdomains that exist on a page.

Supports the VirusTotal service by setting an API_KEY in the config.json file.

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git clone
cd knock
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


usage: knockpy [-h] [-v] [–no-local] [–no-remote] [–no-http] [–no-http-code CODE [CODE…]] [-w WORDLIST] [-o FOLDER] [-t SEC] [-th NUM] domain

full scan: knockpy
ignore code: knockpy –no-http-code 404 500 530
threads: knockpy -th 50
timeout: knockpy -t 2

show report: knockpy –report knockpy_report / domain.com_yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss.json
plot report: knockpy –plot knockpy_report / domain.com_yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss.json
csv report: knockpy –csv knockpy_report / domain.com_yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss.json

set apikey: knockpy –set apikey-virustotal = APIKEY
set timeout: knockpy –set timeout = sec
set threads: knockpy –set threads = num

positional arguments:
domain target to scan

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-v, –version show program's version number and exit
–No-local local wordlist ignore
–No-remote remote wordlist ignore
–No-http http requests ignore

–No-http-code CODE [CODE…] http code list to ignore

-w WORDLIST wordlist file to import
-o FOLDER report folder to store json results
-t SEC timeout in seconds
-th NUM threads num

Subdomain mapping

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You can download the program from here.

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