LaZagneForensic: Find the saved passwords

LaZagneForensic (LZF) allows each Windows user to recover almost any password stored on the computer.

LaZagneForensic is reportedly taking advantage of Windows to access sensitive information stored by users of each system. It is known that all passwords in Microsoft systems are stored encrypted by Windows. But once the user logs in, they are automatically decoded so they can be used by the operating system.

The original LaZagne application uses an internal Windows API called CryptUnprotectData to decrypt user passwords. This API starts working with the user's input into the system, otherwise it does not work. If the computer is not started (when the resolution is from a connected offline disk) or if we do not place the application on a remote host, the passwords can not be recovered.


LaZagneForensic was created to overcome this problem. The project is mainly inspired by Jean-Michel Picod's amazing work for them DPAPICK and Francesco Picasso for the Windows DPAPI laboratory.

That is why LaZagneForensic works after the user logs on to Windows. Then it can easily pick up passwords, and then store them in plain text.

The developer of the application even says that the only way to stay safe is to avoid storing passwords using the default Windows method.

This practically means that for your security you might want to use a third-party password manager.
We occasionally report the password manager KeePass. It is the password manager we recommend as it saves everything locally and with very strong encryption.

LaZagneForensic can recover passwords from the following programs: Outlook, Thunderbird, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Pidgin, Filezilla, wifi, databases, Skype etc.


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