Linux from Windows; where to start from;

Thinking of changing your operating system? Do you have enough of Windows and want to try Linux? As with any small or large change, it is very normal to hesitate and fear an environment you do not know. You may have tried it in the past, but the installation attempt ended up in disaster.

Below we will see how you can minimize the risks.Linux

Installing Linux is no longer as difficult as you think. In fact, as long as you have chosen a distribution (for beginners) that you are interested in installing Linux will run very smoothly. Let's see which distributions will not cause you problems.

First to choose the distribution and Desktop Environment that makes you the most, you can do it with a live DVD / USB. Below are four Windows-like distributions that will install without any problems.


One of the most popular distributions: Linux for the masses. The functional Canonical προσφέρει ένα εύκολο διαχείρισης, και σχετικά μια εύκολη εγκατάσταση. Αυτή τη στιγμή κυκλοφορεί το Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
Great community that is ready to answer any of your questions.
Huge database with problems-solutions
Direct out of the box support for driver installation.
The Canonical announced this year the μέσω τηλεμετρίας
Εταιρική συνεργασία με την Amazon για advertisements


The main rival for Ubuntu for many. Linux Mint has a similar easy installation and is based on Ubuntu, but it has it and a version which uses Debian as a base. Mint's experience is different from Ubuntu, but it's very simple to get used to.
Huge database with problems-solutions since distribution is based on Ubuntu
Direct out of the box support for driver installation.
It has an excellent installation guide

In the past there has been one serious security problem to the ISO distribution servers. Installation files were replaced by hackers, with other malicious ones.
Since then, something similar has not been announced, but you should take care of your downloads (just like any other repository)

MX Linux

Linux Mint and Ubuntu can be the most distributed distributions, but MX Linux tries to be even closer to Windows. It has a very easy installation system. MX Linux seems to be the best choice for anyone who wants to change for the first time from Windows to Linux.
From .gr we strongly recommend distribution.

MX is developed by a group of developers and not by a company with opaque interests and agreements.
Support for problems with forum solutions
Direct out of the box support for driver installation.
He does not use systemd
We did not find it against

Of course there are other Linux distributions, but you should start with some of the above. All of the three operating systems we describe above are based on Debian, one of the most reliable distributions in circulation. Please note that we do not recommend installing Debian as it requires more skills than a novice user.

What is dual-booting?

When you go to install Linux, on a computer that already has another operating system, you have two options: Completely replace your existing operating system or add the new one next to the old dual-booting.

Although replacing your old operating system may be easier, it will be very useful for you to have both operating systems on your computer. For example, if you want to go back to Windows, all you have to do is restart!

At this point, we should mention that installing Linux next to Windows is not as difficult as you imagine. Especially if you try installing MX by following the default settings you will have a dual boot system before you understand it.

Are you ready to change to Linux? Before reading this, read the following:

Linx what you need to know before adopting the functional

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