Free and open source LMMS for music creation

LMMS is a music production program, 100% free, open source, and developed by a community on GitHub.

The app lets you compose new sounds. You can connect MIDI devices to create music on your computer. You can create your own music by composing or mixing in familiar sounds and samples.LMMS

The freeware has ready-made libraries, presets, instrument samples, and lots of effects, along with many different plugins to help you with your project.

So you can compose music on Windows, Linux and macOS systems.
Compose, mix and automate songs with a simple UI
Playback via MIDI or from the keyboard, integrate tracks with Beat + Bassline Editor.
You can tune tunes, notes, chords and melodies using the Piano Roll Editor.
Must import MIDI files and Hydrogen project files.

See the presentation video

Download the app for the platform you are interested in


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