Maintain the leading edge for Android

Analyst Kantar Worldpanel has released its report on the smartphones market, which concerns the quarter that ended last April.


According to Kantar, the is also dominating for such periods in markets such as Europe, China and the United States, while the Windows Phone Number shows 'mixed' performance across the various sub-markets.

More specifically, on Europe's top five markets (Germany, France, Italy, Britain and Spain), Android shows a rise of 1,7% controlling 72,4% of the total . Microsoft's operating system also rose, gaining 1,6% and gaining a market share of 8,4%. THE Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), with the operating system iOS slightly improved, holding the 17,5% of the European market.

At American marketThe with Android climbing 7,3 units by achieving 59,1% share. Instead, Apple lost 6,8 units, holding the 34,6% of the US market. A slight decrease was also experienced by Microsoft with Windows Phone, which lost 0,9 units with a share of 4,7%. Unexpected was the slight improvement for which allowed it to acquire a market share of 1%.

On the contrary, in the "vast" Chinese market the BlackBerry disappears altogether, while at the same time Android is gaining its biggest boost and at the same time the largest market share. More specifically, Google's operating system won 7,9 units, over the same period last year, holding a market share of 79,8%. In China, Windows Phone drops marginally to 1,4%.

At the situation remains radically differentiated since Apple is the first to have 55,4% market share, up by 5,6 units compared to last year. The second place is followed by Google Android with a market share of 43,6%, reduced by 0,8 units.

Kantar expects further pressure on Apple's operating system over the next period of time due to to him Windows Phone 8.1 of Microsoft. The pressure is expected to last until September, when it is expected to make the upcoming iPhone 6.

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