Malware; Immediate return to the sender!

Are you planning to send malware to the US? The US Army will accept it, reschedule it and send it back to you, warned Major General Vincent Stewart of the US Defense Intelligence Agency last week.

"Once we isolate the malware, we will reprogram it and prepare it to use against the adversary who tried to use it against us."Malware

Stewart spoke at World Congress of Information Systems Information Systems of the Ministry of Defense, which was attended by intelligence service administrators from various countries (USA, Canada and the United Kingdom).

Participants also had the FBIThe CIA, the National Security Service (NSA), the National Intelligence Agency, together with Microsoft, Xerox, NFL, FireEye and DataRobot, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

The meeting focused on the growing and international character of cyberattacks. US Navy Commander William Marks explained why the debate on cyber security is important to them:

"Threats are no longer limited by international borders, the economy or the military. They have no boundaries, age limits, language barriers or identity. The threat could come from a large nation-state, from a 12-year-old, or from a small isolated country.

Janice Glover-Jones, head of the DIA Information Service, added:

"In the past, we have been interested in the interior, focusing on improving our internal processes, business practices and their completion. Today we look outwards, and directly to the threat. The opponent is moving faster than ever and we must continue to stay one step ahead. "

Of course, there are many concerns about the upcoming US strategy for re-packing malware and sending them as boomerangs to attackers.

Sophisticated attacks make it even more difficult to identify the origin.

What if the malware to be returned by the US secret services receives a child who just experimented with his computer?

What if US sends malware to people who do not know their computers are part of a botnet?

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