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Disappointed customer filed a lawsuit against Apple's iOS 7

ios-7-logoΟ Mark Menacher from Poway, California filed a lawsuit against Apple over the and its installation iOS 7, την τελευταία ενημερωμένη έκδοση the company's.
The new version was released last month, bringing radical changes to its appearance and functionality iOS 7. Αν και το νέο λειτουργικό φέρνει αρκετά νέα tweaks, η αλλαγή της εμφάνισης του έχει προκαλέσει πάρα πολλά παράπονα από χρήστες συσκευών που δεν μπορούν να το συνηθίσουν. Η ριζική αλλαγή του UI είναι του σχεδιαστή της εταιρεία, Jonathan Ive.

Mark Menacher obviously belongs to the frustrated, but he did not give up. Considering Apple responsible for the "mess" of its device, it filed a complaint against him CEO of Apple's California-based Californian based in San Diego on Thursday, as reported by CNet.

Menacher asks for a lawsuit to uninstall iOS 7, something that Apple does not support.

In his complaint, the plaintiff allegedly states: “Apple's disregard for theof its customers is a corporate robbery. THE Steve Jobs was reported to have been very tough on the employees of the company to be happy with his customers, but the Tim Cook obviously cultivates a culture of contempt for the satisfaction of the company's customers. The only goal is to achieve corporate profits. This is a policy that will ultimately fail. " The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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