Mathesis Advanced Web Development Topics (E)

Like every summer, this year too Mathesis offers a series of courses "at your own pace".

From July to September you can participate in courses from the History, Philosophy, Philology and Computer Science sections on your own schedule, attending the lectures and taking the tests at any time you choose.

Develop web

The 6-week course covers advanced web and web application development and requires introductory knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript technologies (a continuation of the Introduction to Web Development course).

The following topics will be covered in the course: Developing and validating forms, advanced content layout techniques with flexbox and CSS Grid, advanced programming topics with JavaScript (objects, asynchronous operation), introduction to Bootstrap for presenting web page content and customization of their content on various devices, introduction to Canvas for rich graphics and game development, introduction to the mechanism of asynchronous communication with the server (single page interfaces).

Anyone who completes this course will be able to understand the structure and operation of modern websites and build web applications, such as the ones we come in contact with every day.

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