Advanced web development topics

The February course is already on the Mathesis page, focusing on the fields of History and Computer Science.

Specifically, Nikos Avouris and Christos Sintoris focus on advanced design and development of websites and web applications.

The 6-week course covers advanced topics in web site development and applications and requires introductory knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript technologies (is a continuation of the course Introduction to web development).

The course will cover the following topics:

Development and validation of forms, advanced content layout techniques with flexbox and CSS Grid, advanced programming issues with JavaScript (objects, asynchronous operation), introduction in Bootstrap for the presentation of web page content and adaptation of their content to various devices, introduction to Canvas for rich graphics and game development, introduction to the mechanism of asynchronous communication with the server (single page interfaces).

Anyone who completes this course will be able to understand the structure and function of modern websites and build online , such as those we come into contact with every day.

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