Matthew Keys Former Reuters employee accused of hacking

Matthew Keys, a former Reuters employee, worked for Tribune Media (now called Tribune Publishing) and KTXL Fox 40, a Sacramento TV station in California. Keys was found guilty of three counts of piracy by a US court.matthew keys

The events to be mentioned below were 2010 when Matthew Keys worked as a producer for Sacramento's TV station and a Reuters social media editor.

When he was fired from his job, the FBI claimed Keys was linked to an IRC channel (#internetfeds) with the AESCracked nickname and contacted other users who claimed to be members of the LulzSec hacking team.

Keys allegedly gave his former company's CMS login credentials to hackers, saying: "I did not give you these codes."

Hackers used the name and password that Keys gave them to link to the Tribune Media CMS and change the title of an article in the Los Angeles Times.

This was possible due to the fact that Tribune Media CMS distributes news to all Tribune affiliates, not just to KTXL Fox 30.

The article remained distorted for 30 minutes until one of the LA Times webmasters was notified and restored its original title.

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The federal research that began then led Keys to 2013. Authorities confiscated his laptop and filed three different charges for hacking: conspiracy, electronic piracy, and password disposal.

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