MediaMarkt finally its presence in Greece

End of the presence of MediaMarkt in Greece, since 2005 when the German chain came for the first time, as its integration with Public, which wants to develop its own brand in the category of household appliances, is progressing rapidly.half markt

The consolidation that has gone through a thousand waves since 2019 is moving into the next phase, with the German brand gradually fading away, marking its departure from Greece. It is a move which aims to establish Public's presence in the white goods market, with "New Generation" stores, in the context of the transformation of the group.

Company sources they mention that there is no deadline for when the change will be finalized, however, the German name will be a thing of the past from Greece, in a move that is considered imperative, as consumers have not yet realized that the two brands have been unified.

MediaMarkt's 13 stores are expected to play their part, as 10 of them will be part of Public's logistics hub development plan, which will further improve turnaround times s, allowing the company to develop the Next Day service , while the company has also invested in large eCommerce warehouse facilities in Greece and Cyprus (40.000 sq.m.). The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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