Messenger Kids and Android: when Zuckerberg writes them all

Messenger Kids, the exchange service Facebook messaging for kids, released today for Android. It's a bold move, as the app has already received rave reviews from parents and child rights organizations.

Nearly 100 health counselors sent a letter (PDF) protested to Mark Zuckerberg last month, urging him to stop releasing the app.Messenger Kids

For those unfamiliar, Messenger Kids is aimed at six-year-olds and allows parents to control who can talk to children through the service.

Of course Facebook will do everything to attract new users. But on the other hand, his social network requires you to be 13 years old or older during a new registration.

A Facebook spokesman told Gizmodo that one of the motivations for launching the app was that "many of us on Facebook are parents and do not seem to realize that our children connect much earlier."

The spokesman for the largest social network noted that, according to an external study by Dubit, 93 percent of children aged six to twelve in the US have access to tablets or smartphones.

The spokesman also said that for more than a year the company has heard criticism from "thousands of parents who have expressed the need for safer online experiences tailored to the needs of children".

But according to Wired, most of the experts in charge of controlling the application had financial commitments with Facebook, creating a clear conflict of interest. The social network, instead of dealing with the criticism heard from people who did not have finances, chose experts who lean towards it. This calls into question the credibility of the reviews mentioned by the company representative in the above paragraph.

It remains to be seen how much Messenger Kids will be adopted by Android users, but app company App Annie ranked it 36th on Apple App Store charts for "Kids Apps" in the US.

At the end of January, it ranked fifth among iOS children's apps in the US.

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It may not be as popular as the regular Facebook Messenger app, but it clearly has some uses.

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