Meta: 400 Apps Steal Facebook Passwords, Are You A Victim?

Meta has notified one million Facebook users that their usernames and passwords may have been compromised by malicious third-party apps downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

mobile apps

Meta security researchers detected more than 400 malicious applications that were designed to steal Facebook user account credentials over the past year. According to the company, many of the apps were disguised as photo editors, while others were disguised as games, health trackers, lens enhancers, VPNs and business apps, among others.


If a user has downloaded any of these apps, they will be asked to sign in with their Facebook account before they can use it. If someone does, their account information will be sent to the attackers. Most Facebook users are generally not very tech savvy and thus easily fall for these phishing scams.

Malicious users naturally gain access to the victim's account, They can steal sensitive information and also gain access to other applications and services where the victim is logged in using their Facebook account.

Meta's Security Director (Director of Threat Disruption), David Agranovich said that Meta disclosed its findings to Apple and Google.

To prevent other users from falling victim to such threats, Meta has provided some telltale signs of malicious apps.

These apps usually ask for social media credentials, even if there is no reason for them to do so. The developer can advertise features that the app doesn't have, and finally, an app can be malicious if it has reviews that say the app doesn't do what it claims to do.

If you think you've downloaded a malicious app and signed in with your Facebook credentials, delete the app and reset your password immediately.

Also, activate two-factor authentication to enhance the security of your account. Finally, activate them connection notifications, so you get every time someone tries to log into your account.

Check out the apps:

Android Apps

Android Package Name App Name
al.puik.cus CallShowLite Apex Racing Game
callerscreen.paper.ringshow Caller Paper Show
com.abs.provideo_editor Video Converter Master Acetone Photo Cartoon
com.addtextcoon.shapermotor Photo Frame PIP Collage Maker
com.adonarusso.daily.horoscope ZodiHoroscope – Fortune Finder
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com.androiddharmesh.editor Cool Photo Editor
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com.anhhuy.adspagesmanager Ads Pages Manager Constellation Master
com.applock.easyuse.lock AppLock - Lock Apps & Privacy Guard Smooth Picture Editor
com.artext.picshow Text Camera
com.artoon.toonphoto Artoon Photo Cartoon Creator
com.artpics.campro Pic Art
com.ashtoon.tooncool.skordoi Ashtoon Cartoon Editor
com.atharva.perfect.photoeffects Perfect Photo Effects | Loop Photo Animator
com.ballmaster.puzzle Bomb Master 3D Free Music Downloader & Free Mp3 Downloader Beauty Camera
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iOS Apps

iOS App ID App Name
1555651942 FB Advertising Optimization
1561642325 Business ADS Manager
1563142182 Ads Analytics
1564091908 FB Ads Optimization
1566705026 FB Analytics
1566706023 FB Ads Community
1574530186 Ads Ai Optimize
1587056055 Very Business Manager
1591775710 FB Business Support
1593368297 Facebook Ads
1596775769 Meta Optimizer
1597553589 Business Manager Pages
1598946098 Ads Manager
1600072709 Meta Ads Manager
1600404846 Ad Optimization Meta
1601275530 FB Pages Manager
1602637866 Business Ads
1603255418 MetaBusiness
1603571287 Business Suite Manager
1604086670 FB Ads Cost
1607057895 Adverts Business Suite
1608743187 Business Ads Clock
1609915932 Ads & Pages
1610859814 Business suite
1610944161 Business & Ads
1612196202 Business Manager Overview
1613983385 Business Suite Ads
1619733733 Page Suite Manager
1622402517 Business Meta Support
1623362126 Pages Manager Suite
1625368035 Business Meta Pages
1626632781 Business Suite Ads
1626692617 Ads Business Knowledge
1629919774 Page Suite Managers
1631778308 Pages Manager Suite
1632069527 Ads Business Advance
1632606219 Pages Manager Suite
1633012933 Business Suite Optimize
1633016482 Business Manager Suite
1633078757 Business Suite Managers
1633828994 Ads Business Manager
1635045234 Ads Business Suite
1635301567 Business Manager Pages
1635555183 Business Ads Manager
1636196931 Ads Manager Suite
1636825108 Business Manager Pages
1639572841 Ads & Business Suite The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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