Microsoft adds color to the Windows 10 19H1 desktop

Microsoft is making subtle changes to their desktop 10, in version 1903, and users enrolled in the Windows Insider program can already get a taste of what it all looks like.

The version of Windows 10 expected to arrive in April to all users will have colored icon tabs on tasks, under Microsoft's new logic for throughout the operating system.

As you can see in this snapshot that posted on Twitter by Microsoft engineer Jen Gentleman, the jump tabs (the menu tabs, shown by right-clicking an icon on the taskbar) now follow the operating system tone colors.

Jump tabs so far use a dark gray theme in both normal and night light in Windows 10.

However, with the 10 1903 19 debut (codenamed 1H2019, possibly released as an update in April XNUMX), Microsoft is going to change it by allowing the background accent color to expand on those tabs.

Right now the   only works in Windows 10 night light, but there is a good chance that Microsoft will turn it on in normal light as well, when the 19H1 update is complete.

To try the new feature, and while running 19H1, go to Settings> Personalization> Colors. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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