Microsoft: What are Dynamic Updates?

Microsoft Dynamic Updates occur when feature updates are installed on Windows 10. They may come as part of a new installation or even an update, e.g. from Windows 10 to the 1809 version to Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Dynamic updates are also supported by previous versions of Windows, namely Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012.

Dynamic Updates or Dynamic Updates are enabled by default but can be deactivated by the user or system administrator. Their main purpose is to get some information for the updating process or system stability during installation.Microsoft

Without dynamic updates, the system administrator should install these components, e.g. new cumulative updates or updated drivers right after the initial installation.

Dynamic updates may include the following items according with Microsoft:

Setup: Collect the files required for the settings.
Safesoft: Fixes the Safe OS used by Microsoft for the recovery environment.
Servicing Stack Update (SSU) / Critical: It encounters problems that may exist in the Servicing Stack Update.
Latest cumulative updates: Installs the latest cumulative updates.
Language packs: Install language packs and other optional features.
Drivers: Drivers for the new Dynamic Update release.

Dynamic Updates or Dynamic Updates are one of the first packages that Windows Setup uses. Windows Setup makes contact with Microsoft through https to download the updates and then implements them through the media (DVD, USB or system upgrades).

Windows Setup shows users a question, "Get updates, drivers, and optional features" or "Get updates, drivers, and optional features" during installation, effectively giving users control over how to proceed. the process. Of course you can deny the installation.

Finally, let's mention that Dynamic Updates can resolve specific installation or update issues during an installation. The operation seems to be useful as it can resolve issues during setup but no one can know for sure. We should point out that Windows 10 runs on too many computers and that means many different hardware and settings.


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