Microsoft blackmails and cares about security!

When Microsoft first released its Bing Chat AI chatbot in February, many users found that they sometimes got rather strange or even very personal answers to certain chat questions.

As a result, Microsoft has greatly limited the number of daily conversations within a session in order to avoid some of these strange interactions.

Microsoft has since expanded those chat limits again.

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As it turns out, OpenAI had warned Microsoft that Bing Chat might create these kinds of interactions because it was still running an under-development version of GPT-4.

The Wall Street Journal reports, via unnamed sources, that OpenAI has expressed concerns that Microsoft is moving too quickly to launch Bing Chat with these issues. These concerns, of course, turned out to be entirely too accurate.

The same article also claims that Microsoft has its own concerns about working with OpenAI. Some of Microsoft's many departments still cannot directly communicate or work with OpenAI.

Although Microsoft has invested a lot of money in the company, OpenAI can make ChatGPT-4 available to other companies so they can develop their own artificial intelligence. One of those companies is DuckDuckGo, a search engine that uses Microsoft's Bing search API for some of its searches. In March, DuckDuckGo announced DuckAssist, its own chatbot that would use OpenAI's ChatGPT-3.

However, the Wall Street Journal he says that Microsoft has said it will raise the price of its API if DuckDuckGo goes ahead with DuckAssist. So a few weeks after its announcement, the search engine updated quietly her post blog, stating: "Unfortunately, DuckAssist is no longer available on DuckDuckGo Private Search."

The post above clearly shows a face Microsoft is trying to hide from the public, presenting itself as a company that really cares about its audience and comparing it, with the bad which does not. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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