Microsoft KB5017383: sorry mistake

Update KB5017383, or Windows Preview Update for September 2022, has arrived on WSUS and for Windows Server users

However, Microsoft he says that this particular release was made by mistake, and ultimately causes other problems for customers.Microsoft, windows update, iguru

“IT administrators using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) may notice that the Windows September 2022 Preview update is included in the updates available from WSUS. This listing is an error. Preview updates are generally available for manual installation through the Microsoft Update Catalog and Windows Updates," the company says.

Home users are not affected since the bug involves WSUS, the update installer used by the servers.

Microsoft, however, states that installing these updates could lead to other problems, e.g. to install the September 2022 Cumulative Update Preview for the .NET Framework.

The company says that the bug has already been fixed and the Windows September 2022 Preview build can now be found in the Microsoft Update Catalog.

“In environments where WSUS is configured to automatically approve updates, the Windows September 2022 Security Update may then be automatically rejected and also automatically timed out, meaning it will no longer appear. If this happens, see the instructions for rolling back rejected updates. Then run an update synchronization in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager or update management environments. Environments configured to receive only security updates should not experience these symptoms,” Microsoft says.

In the meantime, the company is preparing a workaround for its customers who have installed the update through WSUS. At this time the update has already been removed from WSUS, so no other devices are affected. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Microsoft, windows update, iguru

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