Microsoft buys LinkedIn for 26,2 two billion dollars

Microsoft just announced that it is buying the LinkedIn social network for 26,2 billion dollars. The transaction is expected to be completed within 2016.

Η hasn't revealed exactly what it plans to do with LinkedIn or how it plans to integrate it into its services, but in a press release published today, Microsoft CEO Mr. assured that the social network will maintain its "distinct brand name, culture and independence".Microsoft LinkedIn

In addition, Jeff Weiner, who is now LinkedIn's CEO, will continue to lead the company, but from now on he will report directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

“The LinkedIn team has built a fantastic business focused on of the world's professionals," Nadella said. "Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the planet."

Microsoft has revealed that its board of directors has unanimously approved the acquisition of LinkedIn, the κοινωνικής δικτύωσης που διαθέτει σήμερα περίπου 440 εκατομμύρια χρήστες σε όλο τον κόσμο. Ο Satya Nadella έχει σαφώς σαν στόχο την ένταξη τους στο Office 365 και άλλες επιχειρηματικές λύσεις για τη σύνδεση των χρηστών στο χώρο εργασίας, και αυτή είναι η πρώτη μεγάλη του αγορά από τότε που ανέλαβε τα ινία της Microsoft.

"Just as we have changed the way people connect, this relationship with Microsoft, and the integration of the cloud with the LinkedIn network, now gives us the opportunity to change the way people work," Weiner told today's press release.

"For the last 13 years, we have the unique opportunity to connect professionals to become more productive and successful, and I look forward to leading our team to the next chapter in our history." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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