Microsoft live streaming: what will follow in Windows

Microsoft has announced a live streaming event on June 24, promising to showcase "what's next for Windows," possibly advertising a planned Windows 10 upgrade.

The event will take place on June 24 at 6 and will be broadcast live on this site, using #MicrosoftEvent as a hashtag to increase interest.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has already promised that Microsoft will soon release the most important Windows update of the last decade. Some even refer to it as "Windows 11." If you look closely at the image below, the colors and the Windows logo look different.

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Η εταιρεία μας έχει αναφέρει το όραμά της από τα τέλη του 2019 όταν ήθελε ένα κόσμο να τρέχει με διπλής οθόνης, όπως το Surface Neo και τα Windows 10X. Λίγους μήνες μετά την αρχική ανακοίνωση, η Microsoft άλλαξε το σχέδιο και ανέφερε ότι τα Windows 10X θα κυκλοφορούσαν για τις παραδοσιακές συσκευές της μίας οθόνης.

In May 2021, Microsoft announced that it was halting the development of Windows 10X altogether, stating that the key features of the operating system would be present in Windows.

Microsoft's next version, commonly referred to as Windows 10 21H2, is also expected to bring new graphics, in a major upgrade also known as "Sun Valley". It will bring new icons and reportedly tweak the Start menu and more . However, how different the Sun Valley will be is not known. Of course Microsoft definitely has the ability to introduce a minimalist version of Windows 10X. So far, however, none of the preview versions on Insiders channels have shown such data.

Windows 10 21H1 may feature features such as auto HDR for PCs and a refreshed Microsoft Store app. The latter was probably stated by Nadella when he stated that the new update of Windows 10 will "unlock greater financial opportunities for developers". The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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