Microsoft Similarity checker to prevent plagiarism

Microsoft recently announced a new tool called Similarity checker.

The new tool will work with the Microsoft Word editing tool and is supposed to help determine if the text in a document is original or requires a reference to the source of the text.

The new tool is currently only available for Microsoft 365 EDU A3 and A5 clients in the preview versions of the Office suite. The Similarity checker is expected to be released for everyone in July 2020.

Once released, the new feature can help you determine how much of a document is similar to online sources, and in some ways will help prevent plagiarism. The new application will have many other features, such as the appropriate tools that will tell you where to enter references to the original text.

This feature is supported by Bing, so it searches the web to find other sources that are similar to your document.

Microsoft's upgraded editing capability is an effort against Grammarly and others, which have recently appeared to be very popular due to the increased adoption of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft, of course, wants to keep users on its platforms, so the new processor is supposed to provide everyone with the tools they need to improve their writing without having to turn to third-party products.

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