Midjourney : Make fantastic images from text with AI

Midjourney is a website that uses artificial intelligence to create images from text descriptions. It is now also open in Greece.


The midjourney.com is an independent research lab that uses artificial intelligence to generate images from text descriptions, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. The tool is currently in beta from July 12, 2022 and has just opened its doors for Greece as well.

Midjourney was founded by David Holz, co-founder of Leap Motion. The company is working on improving its algorithms, and is currently running version 4 alpha.

Midjourney is paid, but gives you a trial version of 25 photo constructions, including upscale and variation commands.

midjourney end

You can enter by invitation through his discord channel, by clicking here , or by clicking the “Join the Beta” button on their official website.

It doesn't require full registration to start its beta version, meaning you don't need to provide an email even if it asks you to. But without full registration you will not have access to your images later.

To create images, you should enter any channel and use the command /imagine and then type your text. The bot will return you a quartet of created images within 60 seconds.

In our command for internet guru website tech :: realistic::1 satellite imagery::1 --v 4 gave us:
midjourney dimitris iguru

One of the command's many writing tools is the ML Prompt Tool, which will help you tell the Midjourney bot exactly what you want to build.

And of course the images it renders are copyright free. From time to time we have posted on our Facebook channel quite a few images from Midjourney, usually related to technology.

Midjourney's appearance has sparked multiple protests from artists, who claim that the technical intelligence is stealing their jobs.

The Midjourney program was used by the British magazine The Economist to create the cover for a June 2022 issue. In Italy, leading newspaper Corriere della Sera published with Midjourney a comic by author Vanni Santoni.

Charlie Warzel used Midjourney to create two images of Alex Jones for Warzel's newsletter at The Atlantic. A Midjourney image called Théâtre d'Opéra Spatial won first place in the digital art competition at the 2022 Colorado State Fair. And the writing examples don't stop.

In contrast, founder David Holz says he sees artists as customers rather than competitors of Midjourney. Holz he told The Register that artists use Midjourney to quickly prototype art ideas, to show artists what they want before they start work themselves.

Update: New command a guru serfing at internet with laptop and thinking the website iguru.gr :: cartoon::1 --ar 2:1 --v 4 gave us the following incredible:

midjourney iguru

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