The mobile ticketing application "TfA tickets"

With the free app mobile ticketing, by name "TfA tickets", it is now possible to issue tickets at all Inside Athens Transportation, with clear advantages: Easy ticket purchase, secure and fast transactions, at no extra charge. During the initial phase of the pilot program, all tickets with a duration equal to or less than 5 days will be available in the application.TfA tickets TfA tickets

Here are extracts from Press Release of the OASA:

"The" smart " mobile or the tablets Turns into ticket, by following the procedure below, once only: registering the system (optional), registering the card details and purchasing safely and easily the tickets.

From the second time, all the future transactions are needed to complete the CVV of the credit, debit or prepaid card.

After the purchase, the app enables passengers to store the tickets they have purchased and all they need to do is to activate the appropriate ticket before embarking. Two minutes after activation, the tickets are now validated. Activation requires no internet connection. "

OASA evolve the application on a daily basis and adds new features! Send your opinion to:

Follow instructions to use the application "TfA tickets", as tips on its operation.

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