Can ChatGPT Someday Protect Us From Hackers?

Η OpenAI, n developer of ChatGPT, begins to explore the use of artificial intelligence to automate the operational cyber security.

The company offers grant of 1 million dollars to finance projects that use artificial intelligence to enhance cyber security. This includes the use artificial intelligence to automatically patch vulnerabilities, detect and prevent social engineering attacks, and even guidance of consumers towards security best practices.

chatgpt hackers protect

Actually, the OpenAI seeks proposals covering 16 different areas, including the idea of ​​its use AI to create “honeypots and techniques cheating" for the deception in the upcoming years, while the attraction of hacker to traps. To currently, however, the company refrains from awarding grants for “aggressively projects security” – that's all που they could also παράγουν technology AI.

"All the works must be intended to be licensed ή to be distributed for maximum possible public benefit and apportionment and we will give priority to applications with clear raft for something like that", the company wrote into a her announcement.

The scope of the grant program suggests that OpenAI sees potential in the use of technologies such as η ChatGPT for automation large part of work in its field cyber security. The company itself he's got he points out that artificial intelligence could contribute in reversal of climate in the ongoing war for the vacation of spying and provides this funding.

Its branch security in cyberspace it also faces a shortage of workers. This has raised concerns that η TN could remove human positions work into a others sectors, but η technology it can to is into a position to solve the lack of worker potential at sector of cyber security. However, stays to it is seen for something chronological space if the TN can effectively enhance cyber security or simply to produces false positive results which they waste time and resources.

OpenAI plans to distribute the funds through one round financing amount 10 000 dollars USA, ο Any will could to includes direct funding or credit for company technologies such as ChatGPT. The company accepts proposals through this link, ο Any for now no it seems that it works for some reason. Meanwhile, Mr partner of OpenAI, Microsoft is also testing This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. ChatGPT as a tool for cybersecurity professionals for the fighting of hackers into a an upcoming product with the designation Security Copilot. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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