New NASA website that shows Earth everyday from space

From this Monday October 19, the space service NASA has launched a new web site that says he created it for entertainment purposes. The site presents on a daily basis images of the Earth, as seen from space, with the sunny side of the planet always at the center.

epic nasa

The agency says it has created this site so that we can see the world everyday and whoever wants to be able to take pictures. So the agency promises to upload at least ten new photos on a daily basis.

We read from her announcement NASA:

"NASA launched a new website on Monday so that people can see images of the full, sunny side of the Earth every day. Once a day, NASA will publish at least a dozen new color images of Earth obtained 12-36 hours earlier. "Every daily sequence of images will show the Earth as it rotates, thus revealing the entire planet."

The new NSAA website will allow people to navigate per continent through archived images. Then the uploaded images can also be sorted by date.

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The photos of our planet are taken from a camera located on the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), a satellite for observation and meteorology.

The primary mission of the DSCOVR spacecraft is to closely monitor the solar winds that are on our way and to warn us of those who may upset the upper atmosphere and thus disturb GPS signals and communications. The photos we share on the website DSCOVR: EPIC it's just a bonus.

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