NASA will build a "flying state" in Venus

Despite the very high temperatures that prevail, Venus proves to be quite attractive for exploring the planet. The latest information reports that her scientists NASA develop a plan to conquer its upper atmosphere with a fleet of solar aircraft that can create a whole city above the clouds in the future. NASA HAVOC

This idea was developed recently in a business conference NASA for Venus, where it was decided to have a series of missions on this planet.

"The overwhelming majority of people, when they hear the idea of ​​going to Venus and exploring it, think of the surface where it is hot enough to melt lead and pressure that is the same as being about a mile under the ocean" , says NSAA's aerospace engineer Chris Jones in the IEEE Spectrum magazine.

And he goes on: "I think many people have not bothered to look at the relatively more welcoming atmosphere of the planet and how they could work there for a while."

The reason why this idea is being discussed is that Venus is a planet much closer to Earth than Mars is the next target of human exploration. Another element that makes Venus interesting is the fact that its magnitude is similar to that of Earth.

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