Neptune 6.5 the easy and updated Debian

Neptune is a Linux distribution for desktops. It is based on Debian Stable, but has a newer kernel, additional drivers and newer versions of popular applications.

The project has released an update to its current version, Neptune 6. The new version 6.5 offers security brings, a newer kernel and an updated systemd package.

Some of the version 6 packages have also been updated:

"It's the first maintenance version of Neptune 6 which is also available as an update for all Neptune 6 users.
This version has more support for more modern hardware as it has the Linux Kernel 5.6 along with updates to proprietary blobs firmware as well as updated systemd to version 245.6. The
Neptune now works on UEFI Secure Boot systems.
With the recently activated buster-backports repositories you can enjoy the latest software updates for LibreOffice in version 6.4.5 and Inkscape in version 1.0. Updated Chromium browser to version 83 and Thunderbird to version 68.10. In terms of multimedia, VLC received an update in version 3.0.11, FFmpeg in version 4.1.4 and PulseAudio in version 13. ”

More details and screenshots you can find in the announcement of the new release.

Download (SHA256):

Neptune65-Plasma5-20200707.iso 2,491MB, signature

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