New site for the National Documentation Center

With today's design, rich content and new services, the newly updated National Documentation Center site (

It is a central gateway to the communities of science, research, education, culture and business, as well as to any user who seeks reputable digital content and reliable information.ect

The new easy-to-use website (site) has been designed to adapt dynamically (responsive design) depending on the (computers, tablets, mobiles). The visitor has the opportunity to be informed about the ever-expanding activities and services of the EKT, but also to navigate easily and in a friendly manner to the content of all the websites, repositories and platforms developed by the organization.

Main feature of the new website, which is a single content delivery platform based on the principles ofis the direct access to the three pillars of EKT activities: Digital Content (econtentEKT), EKT Indicators & Statistics (metricEKT), Research-Innovation-Entrepreneurship (innovationEKT).

The new website incorporates modern Single Sign On technologies to provide personalized and improved services. It also provides instant access to the 15 eNewsletter and the ESF facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, enabling everyone to be informed about the actions of the organization, share the content and submit comments and impressions .

Aimed at simplicity and ease of navigation, the website is developed both around the identity of EKT (mission, policies, projects, press center) and the services it provides, as well as around the dynamic part of information in the sectors it operates in digital content, science, research, innovation, culture, education and entrepreneurship.

Some of the most interesting sections of the site are:

  • the Unity of Publications ( / en / publications), bringing together all ESF versions with online browsing capabilities,
  • the section of the magazine "Innovation, Research and Technology" ( / el / magazine), with all the issues in pdf format and in a browsing application, as well as with all the Tributes - Interviews that have been published from 1996 until today.
  • the unity of the Young ( / en / news), with multiple-browsing capabilities in Content with Tags and Tags,
  • the Unity of the Events ( / en / events) with all the events organized by the ESF (with the presentations and the videos of the speakers), as well as events of other bodies in Greece & Kosmos,
  • the Timeline ( / el / history) where they are presented stations in the long history of the ECB from 1980 to the present day.

Note that a central position in owns the new website of the Digital Library of Science, Technology & Culture (, which provides access to databases, periodicals, open content, books, dictionaries and a range of library mediation services.

The new site is based on state-of-the-art open source technologies, using good SEO practices, while its design and development have been made using the knowledge and experience of its executives and collaborators, taking into account user feedback.

The ESF, with the aim of serving the needs of users searching for content and using its services, creates in a continuously evolving online environment for accessing and searching for Greek digital content, thus actively supporting the single area of ​​education and research. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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