New KeePass 2.35 with safety improvements

KeePass 2.35 has just been released. The next version of the password manager comes with a new version of the KDBX file format and many security enhancements.

Let's mention once again that KeePass password manager is the password manager we use as it does not store data on the Web but locally on your computer (encrypted naturally).keepass

For those who do not know KDBX is the file format used by KeePass password manager to store device information. The XDUMX version of KDBX features improvements and new features.

One of the biggest changes in terms of security comes with the new version is Argon2 key support function.

His algorithm won it Password Hashing Competition. From the new version of KeePass 2.35, software users can change the key derivation function from AES-KDF to Argon.

To change the key derivation function, run KeePass 2.35.
Choose File - Database Settings. On the Security tab, find the "key derivation function."

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