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New smartphone for secure communications

In the post-Snowdon era, many technology companies are active in communications security. One of these is FreedomPop: it is a wireless communications company that launches the Private Phone.


This is a phone that uses advanced encryption to "lock" phone calls and messages, and also provides anonymous web browsing. Also, according to a Mashable report, once it runs on its network, it allows the user to change his phone number whenever he wants, while allowing the prospective purchaser to obtain it by paying with Bitcoins.

As for its hardware, it's actually a Samsung Galaxy SII. Features dual core 1,2 GHz Samsung Exynos, 16GB storage and 8 megapixel camera. Its price is at 189 dollars.


According to the company, the phone prevents online marketers from monitoring the activity of the user on the web, and in general "third parties", to intercept communications while "bypassing" any restrictions on access to websites, allowing access to each site. It is also protected from viruses and other malware, while "secures" data in case of a theft or loss, while helping the user to find it again. Its capabilities include blocking unwanted "unsafe" calls and messages, while blocking malicious websites that target data theft. Also in this area are SGP Technologies, which featured Blackphone, as well as Boeing, which develops Black for government workers.

Source: The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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