New York Times: The only Greek university police in Europe

The New York Times hosts an extensive report on the controversy caused by the action of the Group for the Protection of University Institutions (OPPI), pointing out that Greece seems to be the only European country where police forces have been installed inside university premises.

The police force within Greek universities "seems to be the only one of its kind in Europe where problems on campuses are usually dealt with by the university authorities or by private security," reports the journalist. He also underlines that, unlike in Europe, in the USA the presence of university police is common, but there is also a difference compared to Greece as the guards are appointed by the university faculties and not by the police force.

In its report, the American newspaper presents both sides of the controversial issue, quoting the reasoning of the government, describing the reactions of students and hosting statements from the Ministry of Education and university officials. "The conservative government of the country maintains that the police are needed to control lawlessness in the university premises" he points out and adds that on the contrary the students are reacting to this decision by preventing the entry of OPPIs into the University of Athens and AUTH.

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The professor of Political Science and History, Seraphim Seferiadis, in his statements to the newspaper, expresses his opposition to the installation of a police force on university premises and denounces "repression" and "intimidation". He also places the decision for a permanent police presence in universities in a wider trend of "sliding into authoritarianism" and brings as an example the recent wiretapping scandal and Greece's rapid decline in the global Freedom of the Press index.

The New York Times also asked for the opinion of the president of the Synod of Rectors of Greek universities, Panagiotis Kaldis. "The general feeling is that this is something that was not needed," he said. He also warned that the establishment of a police force inside universities also entails risks. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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  1. Also the Greek universities are the only ones in Europe that look like prisons… that are full of marginal elements, delinquent people, and generally do NOT have the image that a Higher educational institution should have….

    All over Europe when there is delinquency within a university, the police go as normal and do their job....
    The professors and deans don't sit around eating wood and nothing happens...

    The university is a UNIVERSITY and not a university!!!!

    So yeah… probably need the police…

    Otherwise, abolish the parties within the university and see preemption....

    And don't listen to any nonsense about asylum…. because university asylum is for the free flow of ideas and the advancement of students…. not for peddling and I don't know what else from every scumbag who has nothing to do with the university community...

    • Anonymous, you are absolutely right. I even say that they should only allow exit from the universities with a special permit, to protect the rest of society from the underworld that frequents there. Which of course will include a certificate of mental health. Although the good, well-behaved children do not spend in pan-Hellenic schools and do not go to university, they choose one of the many paying colleges.

      • everyone is right, as long as we know that freedom has obligations as well as rights. This is a political debate that unfortunately takes place in Greece, the country of freedom and democracy of the few elite families. However we do it, the political authority is chosen by the majority of the people. She deserves it, she doesn't deserve it...

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