Office 2016 Preview updated with new features

New version of Office 2016 Preview. The new Windows 10 is set to be released shortly before the end of the month, but Microsoft is also developing a new version of Office. 2016 Office Preview

In May, Microsoft announced the release of Office 2016 Preview for the first time. Just like with Windows Insider, Microsoft offers the Office Suite free of charge as a preview for those who are interested in trying it out.

Microsoft allegedly added new features and features to Office and arranged some of the older features.

The new features added to the Office 2016 Preview since May are:

In Excel, there are now six new charts available and a new real-time editing function just as it was added to Word.
"Insights", which previously only existed in Word and Outlook, in the new preview version, also exist in Excel and PowerPoint.

For those who want to take advantage of more commands but do not know the exact shortcuts, they will now be able to search for the appropriate command in the 'Tell me' or 'Tell Me' search box. '

From this search box, users will have the option of a set of results that will allow them to have the desired action directly from the list.

Finally, Office's new suite now accepts handwritten mathematical equations and is able to turn them into digital ones. Office 2016 will be released at the end of 2015.

For those who are interested in trying the preview version, they can download it from the Link below

Product key for the Office 2016 Preview

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