All keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Want to really master Gmail and increase your email productivity?

Below we will see all the keyboard shortcuts of the service. They will help you navigate, compose and format emails very easily. You will be able to do everything much faster since you will spend less time on all of the above.

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To help you, we have grouped every Gmail keyboard shortcut. Keep this list with you and soon shortcuts will become second nature.

How to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Before you begin, some keyboard shortcuts won't work unless you've turned on a certain setting in Gmail. Follow the steps below to enable all keyboard shortcuts:

In Gmail and click on Settings (gear icon) at the top right.
Click Show all settings.
Scroll down to the Keyboard Shortcuts section and select Enable Keyboard Shortcuts.
Finally, at the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.


Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

Quick navigation
G+AGo to All Mail
G+CGo to Contacts
G + dGo to Drafts
G+IGo to Inbox
G+KGo to Tasks
G+SGo to Starred conversations
G+TGo to Sent messages
G+BGo to Snoozed messages
G+LInitiate label search
G+NGo to next page
G+PGo to previous page
UGo back to thread list
KGo to newer conversation
JGo to older conversation
` (Backtick)Go to next Inbox section
~ (tilde)Go to previous Inbox section
/ (Slash)Go to search box
EnterOpen conversation
. (Period)Open More menu
Reading Messages
XSelect conversation
AReply all
MMute conversation
NNext message in open conversation
PPrevious message in open conversation
SToggle star
ZUndo last action
!Report as spam
VOpen Move To menu
LOpen Label As menu
, (Comma)Move focus to toolbar
- (Minus)Mark as not important
= (Equals)Mark as important
; (Semicolon)Expand entire conversation
: (Colon)Collapse entire conversation
_ (Underscore)Mark currently open message as unread
[Archive conversation and go to previous message
]Archive conversation and go to next message
Shift+RReply in a new window
Shift+AReply all in a new window
Shift+FForward in a new window
Shift+IMark as read
Shift+UMark as unread
Shift + N.Update conversation
Shift+TAdd conversation to Tasks
CCompose message
DCompose message in new tab
IFocus on latest chat or compose
Cmd/Ctrl + KInsert a link
Cmd/Ctrl + MOpen spelling suggestions
Cmd + ;Go to the next misspelled word (Mac only)
Cmd/Ctrl + EnterSend
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + BAdd BCC recipients
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + CAdd CC recipients
Shift+EscFocus on main window
Ctrl +.Move to the next chat or compose
Ctrl +,Move to the previous chat or compose
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + FAccess custom from
Cmd/Ctrl + BBold
Cmd/Ctrl + Iitalics
Cmd/Ctrl + UUnderline
Cmd/Ctrl + [Indent less
Cmd/Ctrl + ]Indent more
Cmd/Ctrl + \Remove formatting
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + 7Numbered list
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + 8Bulleted list
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + 9Parameters
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + EAlign center
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + LAlign left
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + RAlign right
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + 5Previous font
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + 6Next font
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + +Increase text size
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + –Decrease text size
Conversation Selection
* + ASelect all conversations
* + NoDeselect all conversations
* + SSelect starred conversations
* + TSelect unstarred conversations
* + RSelect read conversations
* + USelect unread conversations

How to use custom keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

If you don't like the default keyboard shortcuts, Gmail lets you recreate them. Here's how:


In Gmail and click on Settings (gear icon) at the top right.
Click Show all settings.
Click the Advanced tab.
Next to Custom keyboard shortcuts, click Enable.
At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

On the View All Settings page, click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
Next to each action, enter the keys you want. You cannot bind the same keys to multiple actions.
Finally, scroll down and click Save Changes. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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