Google responded to the father's request to see his dead son on Google Maps


After several today who reported that a dead person can be seen on a Google map, Google says in a statement that the image will soon be removed.

Ο Jose Barrera father of the victim, fell on a of his 14-year-old son Kevin, who was found dead near railroad tracks in Richmond, California, in August 2009, while searching for the site of Google Maps. Barrera told KTVU that his aerial photo had brought him a lot of memories and forced him to apply for removal of the photo on Google.

Google is often reluctant to change its data based on user requests, but this time the said Brian McClendon, vice president of Google Maps, that it will replace the photo, as reported by TNW:

Our hearts are with the young boy's family. After reporting the media, we have been looking for different technical solutions. Google has not replaced its satellite images Google Maps in the past, but given the circumstances we will make an exception in this case. We believe we can change the photo in eight days. We've talked to the family to let them know we're trying for that change. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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