OpenStreetView new free service of OpenStreetMap

Η OpenStreetView is a free OpenStreetMap service that offers pictures from streets that are uploaded by users while using it.

OpenStreetMap is now an open alternative to Google Maps, Bing Maps and other mapping services. But the new OpenStreetView service works differently from the corresponding services like Google StreetView despite the similarities in the name.OpenStreetView

The service uses images uploaded by users of the service instead of using the company's cars that send them to all regions of the world.

This means that you will not have complete images of a road, but only the images that have gone up. Also, the service does not cover all roads, although this is going to change over time as more and more users will start using the service.

This approach has two advantages over other comparable services. First, you can have multiple downloads of the same area and not just one. Second, the photos that come up come in different dates, which means you can choose to see an area at many different times.

The data displayed by the service may be even more relevant, as if Google or Bing want to update their data, they need to re-send their cars to the area.

OpenStreetView is a pretty interesting service. The approach it uses is open and it seems to be the only possible solution for services not supported by companies with billions of dollars.

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