openSUSE 15.2 The release of the final version is approaching

The openSUSE project offers everyone interested in getting started with Linux everything they need with two different distributions. One is rolling (Tumbleweed) and the other is fixed (Leap).

Why openSUSE and why Tumbleweed?

Its code base is Enterprise (from SUSE Linux Enterprise to be exact). So there is a solid foundation that the press of the openSUSE project community develops but also full support of the distribution that circulates at different speeds using an unprecedented technology.


Red Hat and Canonical have free distributions aimed at all CentOS and Ubuntu respectively. SUSE did not have anything similar, until the release of the Leap version.

οpenSUSE Tumbleweed installation

The upcoming version of openSUSE Leap catching up in the final version. During its development cycle, the openSUSE Leap distribution, in version 15.2, is updated as a rolling platform instead of releasing alpha and beta snapshots.

"Errors are fixed and new packages are imported or excluded. Snapshots of the latest beta phases will be released as soon as they pass the openQA testing. After the release of the gold master, the rolling development model will stop and will be updated with the maintenance patches and security updates that are suitable for the second version of the Leap 15 ”series.

Upgrade from openSUSE Leap to Tumbleweed

The final version of openSUSE 15.2 is expected to be released on May 7, 2020.

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