Games to teach typing to children

Get your kids entertained and at the same time practice their keyboard skills with these free typing games for all ages!

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Technology has now brought computers even in elementary schools. Children should be able to type on a standard keyboard to make a presentation, homework, or report for their school. Usually the ungrateful typing job is taken over by the parents, but why not the student to practice it from now on?

The truth is that the ability to type quickly and correctly is gained by the hours of use. The more hours one spends, the better the typing. But it is useless and boring to practice without any goal or need. Especially for a child who will see it as another lesson.

So to help your children develop their typing skills without getting bored, you can do it in a fun way by putting them to play a game, specially designed for learning to type.

The site Sense Lang includes fun games, like free Greek typing lessons, for kids of all ages. Your children can have fun while learning and practicing their keyboard skills.

Remember that these games do not teach children a blind system or generally the right way to type with all the fingers, but only help them to easily find the position of the letters on the keyboard and write as quickly as possible with both fingers. After all, the work they have to do in primary school does not require manipulative knowledge of a secretary.

Of course they are all free, they just contain ads, usually Google. The games you can play are:

Type for your life

  Disable the Caps Lock key

sense lang game keyboard 1
This is an increased speed game, for high school children and above as it requires you to have previous experience on the keyboard.

You have a hero who is in danger of dying. The scene is constantly lowering and the hero should not reach the bottom of the screen. To upload it above, you must correctly write the word given to you, along with tones and then press space. If the word is correct the hero will jump higher. If the template of the word is wrong it will underline the wrong letter in blue.

You have three lives in total. The scenery starts with an apartment building and along the way you can change and see a sky with bubbles like stairs or space.

Typing with Aliens in space

sense lang game keyboard 2
This is a low speed game, suitable for elementary school children who are now learning where the letters on the keyboard are.

You need to write down the first word you are given to get started. Then you have a spaceship and you have to shoot the aliens that invaded Earth. You can move your spaceship left and right by pressing two corresponding keys that change each time, shoot with space and write the required words to load ammunition into your weapon.

Kayak game

sense lang game keyboard 3
Increased speed game, for high school children. Fight the current, avoid obstacles and paddle fast. Write the words correctly to paddle quickly and get off the track.

You can also see English letters in the requested words. In addition, with this game you learn spelling.

Olympic Typing

games sense lang 1
Increased speed game, for high school children. About the same game as the previous one, except that instead of kayaking your hero is now running a speed race in a stadium. You too will see English letters and learn spelling. In the beginning it has 5 levels to choose from.

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Typing match
Increased speed game, for high school children. You are running in a rally car race. Theoretically you can play a lot of players online, but you will probably be alone.

The terms of the game are simple. The faster you type, the faster your car runs. You have three levels of difficulty, easy, medium and difficult.

Playing with the chameleon
Increased speed game, for high school and high school children. You have a lizard trying to eat the flying mosquitoes. Here you see your keyboard on the screen and the logic is not to look at the physical keyboard but the screen. When you press the wrong key the on-screen keyboard tells you where to move your finger to press the right key.

Toy balloons

sense lang game keyboard
Low speed toy for elementary school children. Break the balloons before they fall to the ground.
And here you have a keyboard on the screen but because things go relatively slowly the game is also aimed at those who are just starting to learn the position of the letters on the keyboard.

Make your child's education fun
Although we often want to limit play time for our children for the sake of education, we can well combine them. And when it comes to finding typing lessons for kids, colorful animations or demanding games can be just the impetus to make the keyboard more interesting to them.

Once they have mastered the keyboard, do not forget to encourage the creative side of your child. There are many free arts and crafts activities on the internet to help them express themselves.

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