Parallel Space: Run the same app on Android several times

Parallel Space is a free Android tool that lets you run multiple accounts in one app at a time, such as Facebook.

Most users maintain more than one social network account, such as Twitter or Facebook, or have multiple Gmail accounts. Although we don't mind the reasons that every user does such things, at least in this article, we are concerned that most Android apps do not allow two snapshots of the same application to run on the same mobile device at the same time.

You should log out of an account in an application and then log in to the same application with another account. This process is very disturbing to most users.

In fact, and especially for social media, you can not be logged into two accounts in the same application (except Gmail) on one desktop computer at the same time. However, this reef is easily overcome for desktop computers since you can connect with different browsers in different accounts for the same social network. On smartphones that are not the best for surfing through the browser, companies have made special applications for Android that run only one social network, for example Facebook.

If you want to run multiple accounts simultaneously in the same application, there are many tools to help you. Typically, these create a separate space or virtual environment to run an extra portion of the same application at the same time on the same device. One of the most popular tools that have downloaded more than 100 users from the Play Store is Parallel Space.

This tool creates separate environments so you do not need to sign in and disconnect each time you want to use different accounts in the same application.

It works from Android 4.0.3 and up. You can download it Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face from here. Due to the fact that Parallel Space is free within the application you will find ads. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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