PENIOT: Pentesting tool for IoT devices

PENIOT is a pentesting tool for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Helps you test / infiltrate your devices by targeting their Internet connection with different types of security attacks.

In other words, you can expose your device to active and passive security attacks. Once you have decided on the target device and the necessary information (or parameters) of this device, you can perform active security attacks, such as changing / consuming system resources, playing valid communication modules, and so on.

You can also carry out passive security attacks, such as breaching the confidentiality of important information or achieving traffic analysis.

Thanks to PENIOT, all these functions can be semi-automated or even fully automated. In short, PENIOT is a package / framework for targeting IoT devices with protocol-based security attacks.

It also gives you a basic structure for your further penetrations for new security attacks or new IoT protocols.

One of the most important features of PENIOT is that it is scalable. By default, it has many common IoT protocols and many security attacks associated with these protocols. But, it can be further expanded by exporting the basic structure of components used internally, so that you can develop your attacks in harmony with the internal structure of PENIOT.

What does PENIOT provide?

First of all, PENIOT provides innovation. It is one of the first examples of pentesting tools in the IoT class. There are only one or two similar tools that are specialized in IoT, but are still in development, so they are not yet complete.

As the number of IoT devices increases dramatically, IoT devices are becoming more and more common in our daily lives. Smart homes, smart bikes, medical sensors, fitness trackers, smart locks and connected factories are just a few examples of IoT products. With that in mind, we felt the need to select some of the most commonly used IoT protocols for installation on PENIOT by default.

We have selected the following protocols as the default IoT protocols included in PENIOT.

Currently supported:

  • Advanced Message Queue Protocol ( AMQP)
  • Low Bluetooth power ( CORN)
  • Restriction Implementation Protocol ( CoAP)
  • Message queue telemetry transfer ( MQTT)

Installation instructions

$ git clone yakuza8 / peniot.git $ cd peniot $ python install The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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