How to see the actual URL behind a link

Here's how to tell what a link's real address is before you click on it, so you can decide if you're interested or not.,bit,url

Have you ever come across a link? These links are abbreviations of the actual url links which are usually too long. So instead of having a huge URL address to share with your friends, you can use the free service to create a much shorter and easily manageable one instead.

But there are times when such links lead directly to a file for download and you actually don't see where you're downloading from. And you may have doubts whether the website from which the file is downloaded is safe or not.

So if you're not so sure where a link will point, you can preview the link before you finally click on it.

To do this, simply add a + sign to the end of any link in your browser. For example, for, just type in your browser and you will be taken to a preview page for that link. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns,bit,url

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