Predictions of 2023 from TeamViewer

Prediction #1: Industrial Metaverse

◦ The digitization of work has been in the spotlight for the past few decades, but the digitization of the processes of frontline workers, who are estimated to make up around 80% of the global workforce, has only just begun. There is huge potential to improve the efficiency of industrial chains in all industries, especially when it comes to supporting frontline workers with digital tools. Augmented (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) solutions create the foundation for the industrial Metaverse, helping frontline workers become more efficient while improving employee satisfaction. This is why we expect an increase in speed through the adoption of Industrial Metaverse technologies.

◦ In order for companies to successfully adopt Industrial Metaverse solutions, they need to think about lowering the barriers and getting on board. We expect that wearable, hands-free technology, such as smart glasses and supporting AR software, will continue to evolve and make it easier to perform more hands-free tasks. Additionally, we expect to see an increase in smart phones being used to bridge the gap.

Prediction #2: Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality

◦ In the context of the current economic uncertainty, organizations are seeking to make more efficient use of the time and resources of frontline workers. A growing number of employers are looking to advanced technologies, including wearables and augmented reality (AR) as well as mixed reality (MR), to achieve this goal. According to a recent study, companies that train with AR are 2,5x more likely to consistently achieve their onboarding goals, with the main benefits seen in compatibility, progress tracking, error reduction, experience and preserving the memory of employees. Given the range of benefits that augmented and mixed reality bring to frontline worker training, other leaders are beginning to turn their attention to it. 62% of organizations plan to increase spending on technology that supports frontline workers in 2023.

◦ Augmented Reality has now escaped Gartner's methodology, meaning it has evolved from a “technology to watch” to a “technology to use”. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which creates an immersive virtual environment, Augmented Reality (AR) enhances a real-world scene. Therefore, factory settings are better suited for AR technology as they require an awareness that is only available through AR and MR. By connecting these devices to data and workflows, enterprises with factories can create a new platform based on the needs of workers in the factory space – the Industrial Metaverse. In 2023, businesses will leverage these technologies to radically improve efficiency, productivity, input, and worker safety. According to a survey, 80% of leaders expect frontline worker productivity to increase in 2023 due to new technologies.

Prediction #3: Artificial Intelligence

◦ As businesses seek to improve day-to-day operations and make processes more efficient, artificial intelligence has proven to be a promising solution. Enriching complex manual processes with self-learning AI algorithms changes the data of digitization projects and adds immediate value to businesses. Businesses are beginning to realize the AI ​​capabilities that can be integrated into AR workflows to perform verification through image recognition, reduce the potential for human error, and increase worker flexibility and efficiency. Companies are further leveraging the combination of AI and AR for automated security checks to provide an intelligent buffer against common business risks.
◦ The digital transformation of manufacturing, support logistics and business processes has created a gold mine of data, but being able to sift through and make sense of all this new information is humanly impossible. For this reason, we expect that in 2023 we will see an increased tendency of manufacturers to leverage artificial intelligence technologies, especially for forecasting and data analysis, as well as for their day-to-day operations. Customers will see immediate turnaround time by enriching complex manual processes with self-learning algorithms. There will also be greater accessibility of AI across platforms, bringing its value to frontline workers.

Prediction #4: Partnerships

◦ Partnerships are always a great tool to expand the reach and usability of a product or service, while also benefiting the end user, who won't have to look for multiple vendors when solutions are combined. But partnerships have taken on new importance as we continue to navigate this period of economic turmoil. Businesses are finding that they need to do more with less, and are looking to technology and data to make it happen. As such, technologies can no longer live in isolated bubbles, providing patchy solutions to global problems. Only by connecting devices, information and people through strategic partnerships will businesses achieve true digital transformation that benefits the organization, from headquarters to the frontline worker. This is especially true for emerging technologies in the Industrial Metaverse, which we believe will be adopted through increased partnerships.

Prediction #5: Hybrid Work/Connectivity

◦ The pandemic continues to change the way businesses approach a new technology. There are still many opportunities for software to fill the gaps in this hybrid world, but the stabilization of the new normal has allowed businesses to take a more sustainable approach that will fuel their long-term digital transformation goals. From onboarding and training to productivity and efficiency, software and hardware complement each other to deliver information when and where you need it most. This trend will accelerate in 2023 as technologies such as AI and AR mature even further to help create easy-to-use, connected platforms that reach across the enterprise to deliver cost savings, increased productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

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