New ReactOS: Open Source Windows

ReactOS (React Operating System) is an open source operating system that is compatible with applications and drives intended for versions that use Windows NT 5.x as a kernel and above, ie from Windows 2000 and above.

This is the sequel to an earlier attempt to create a Windows 95 clone.

Its development started with 1998 and has since continued to add features that already exist in Windows.

ReactOS is mainly written in C, while some of its applications, such as the ReactOS browser, are written in C ++. The project supports ARM and AMD64 processors, almost cloning Windows APIs. The fact has twice caused legal problems in the past, but has been overcome by the legal team of the project.

The main developer of ReactOS, Mr. Ziliang Guo he said on 16 February new version of the ReactOS 0.4.0 open source operating system.

ReactOS 0.4.0 supports: NTFS file system, ext2, shell, SerialATA, USB, wireless networking, and Virtual PC and VirtualBox.

There are many other new features such as graphics enhancements, important updates to memory manager, better networking, support for 16bit DOS applications, booting support in Windows 2003 using ReactOS bootloader and more.

ReactOS 0.4.0 is available for download, free of charge, like Live CD and BootCD ISO images, or VMware and QEMU images. Note that ReactOS is not functional based on a Linux kernel and does not borrow any of the functionality of UNIX architecture.

Download OPEN SOURCE for free from the following link: The Best Technology Site in Greece
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