Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle the smart bottle

Goods with forged labels are known to everyone, as they are marketed from Rolex fake watches up to corn flakes.

Of course companies are chasing the scammers as a fake or spoiled product can ruin their reputation, which in some cases took centuries to cultivate.remy-martin-connected-iphone-bottle

So we have the clever cognac bottle from distiller Rémy Martin. Rémy Martin and ψηφιακών καινοτομιών Selinko έχουν αναπτύξει το Rémy Martin Club Connected , which certifies that the bottles you are buying have not been opened.

The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle NFC developed by Selinko. The technology uses an tamper-proof NFC tag embedded in the bottle's sealing cap.Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle

Η αναφέρει ότι αυτή η ετικέτα βασίζεται στην πρότυπη τραπεζική τεχνολογία ANSSI-EAL4+ ασύμμετρης κρυπτογράφησης που παρέχει ασφάλεια ίση με εκείνη των διαβατηρίων και των τραπεζικών καρτών.

Using an Android smartphone app, the buyer can use his phone and the app will show him if the bottle is 100 percent from a safe source and is still sealed.

"The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle not only guarantees the authenticity of the product, ”Says Augustin Depardon, Executive Director of Remy Martin.
“But it also allows us to communicate directly with our consumers, who enjoy our products. Our communication can now be fully aligned with our customers' preferences for optimum relevance. ”Phone_B01.1WEB4

The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle will initially only be available in nightclubs in . Later we will see it everywhere.

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