Rent-a-robot: Silicon Valley's new response to labor shortages

The development of technology and the need to pay higher salaries to employees, has led to an increase in sales of robots, to large companies across America.

screenshot 2021 08 27 at 13 35 38 rent a robot silicon valley's new answer to the labor shortage in smaller us factories

This is why entrepreneurs invest in one new economic model: They hire robots, maintain them, charge them to factories per hour or month, to reduce risks and initial labor costs.

Saman Farid, a former robot investor for more than a decade, saw the challenge and need of robot factories and founded Rent-a-Robot Formic Technologies, with the support of Lux Capital and Initialized Capital.

Bob Albert, whose family owns Polar Hardware Manufacturing, a 105-year-old metal factory in Chicago, has agreed to pay less than $ 10 an hour for a robot, compared to $ 20 an hour for his average employee.

Westec Plastics Corp., a family-owned plastic molding plant in Livmore, California, acquired its first robot in January 2020 and now owns three of Rapid Robotics, charging $ 3.750 a month per robot for the first year.

Do robots tend to be deprived of jobs through hiring? Ρών make up for a possible shortage of manpower;

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What is certain, however, is that technology does not stop and the funny thing about robots is that they do not need to be vaccinated. At most change their hydraulic fluids.

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