OS Robolinux 3D released 8.7 Raptor Xfce

Robolinux 3D has reached version 8.7 "Raptor" Xfce with a built-in free Virtual-Box that lets you run versions of Windows.


The Robinux 3D 8.7 "Raptor" Xfce Edition is based on the Debian GNU / Linux 8.6 "Jessie" operating system and supports the Linux 3.16 kernel. It uses a lightweight Xfce 4.12 desktop environment and includes over 120 printer drivers, Wi-Fi, and video programs.

Continuing on good tradition of the "Raptor" series, the edition Robolinux 3D 8.7 “Raptor” Xfce comes with a built-in VirtualBox that allows users to run various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system without the fear of being infected by viruses or other .

Εκτός από αυτό, Rοbolinux 3D 8.7 “Raptor” Xfce Edition περιλαμβάνει μερικές από τις πιο πρόσφατες εφαρμογές Open Source, όπως το Mozilla Thunderbird 45.4.0, Mozilla Firefox 49.02 web browser, client Skype VoIP, το , Spotify music streaming client, καθώς και μερικούς Openshot video editors.

Επίσης προεγκατεστημένα θα βρείτε τα Kdenlive video editor, Scribus, Plex Media , Wireshark network protocol analyzer, VirtualBox, Tor Browser, Steam for Linux distribution client, Invisible Internet (I2P), TorChat, BleachBit, OpenPGP for Thunderbird, Clam AntiVirus, Keepass2, Privoxy, and JonDonym.

You can download the ROLBOINUX 8.7 from here

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